Spilled Blood on Newspaper

Hello America I just made a new saying and pun– not like anyone cares about those anymore maybe if it was a great funny meme people would show a little interest.

This statement “Spilled Blood on Newspaper” is great because its an good analogy and gives color to a sentence and creates a picture. I said it when i was talking about my first ever mistakes at my current job like how I have messed up in scheduling and could not brush it under the rug because it would show up like red blood on newspaper and I chose news paper becuase that mean everyone would also have heard about my mistake.

“lucky lolz all mines [mistakes] come out like spilled blood on newspaper”

“the gossip spread like spilled blood on newspaper”

it usually comes with a shocking response like “hahaha oh boy– i hope that will not happen to me 😕”

Pretty cool right… I know

I’m a genius.. sometimes.

I like my little saying now I just need to coin this expression 🙂


Consistency vs. Distractions

I almost forgot about this site, until I googled my name and it popped up. Glad I still have access to it and at least remembered the password. However, I definitely left it alone for awhile. Should I feel bad? Or does it shed light on my flaws. No one’s perfect. I can blame my life distractions right?

I will do my best to change and update this I have sooo much to share with you all now. My new position in the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office. My worst ever heartbreak, that was hard but necessary and a learning experience. I feel like I have grown up so much, since my last published post.

I write in my diary consistently so maybe with this I can do better. Let’s  see.


Something I want to Share


If someone does not appreciate you the first two months and you have consistent arguments for four months…. Stop now it’s not worth it.

Take yourself out on Valentines Day, think about you, go shopping, cater to you give yourself your own vacation.

You deserve it and you worked hard for it.



They change everything. The motivation you have for the day, the amount of communication you allow yourself to have with others and much more.

I feel that this is a good day, and so it will be. I feel that this is a bad decision, and then it shall be such.

What is a feeling? The amount of emotion placed into an idea that is expressed in action.

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