A Whole New World

I woke up this morning with a great song on my mind, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. While I was trying to find the song on my way to work an even better Song came on from Aladdin called a Whole New World.

I nearly started crying just reviewing everyday and my last vacation in August I went to Disney World for the first time and had the best time of my entire Life. I hope I have more best times of my entire life as such.

Specifically looking at Disney World it is a million times better than Disneyland and being that I am military I got a 4 day pass for an Amazing price!

I won’t reveal everything about my experience on this blog post it’s just too much however I will tell you all about the Princess dinner I attended at the Magical kingdom.

I had too much fun that day, I dressed up like a princess and everything. People probably thought I was crazy but why not dress up?! I am indeed a princess Erdavria Rose.


Where you meet Cinderella


The menu,  Boys get a sword girls get a wand


with Snow White


We also took a “Spellfie.” Aurora is my favorite Disney Princess and I love her dress!


She played her role the best such a perfect fit for Ariel and absolutely beautiful!! Her selfie was called a “Shellfie” how cute!! I love this way too much.

image image

The beautiful Jasmin which once I heard Aladdin this morning I immediately thought of my experience at this particular time.

image image

Beauty but comfort, yes I do have Chacos on

image   image

Well now if you did not know I am a princess now you do.

So the dinner was a four course meal where u choose one of each category. I love it all. If you book this for your love one there are also fancier desserts you can get. Or specifics of you are celebrating something specific.

Never mind the sugar though! The treatment is of royal quality. And you can get princess autographs!

So as an adult it’s so hard for me to get the princess dresses the original dresses and Halloween is coming up which princess should I dress up as??

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