The Off Day

Saturday’s are usually my off days. I don’t work or do too much on those days. With the exception of military service and homework.

Today I watched cartoons, ate food, watched movies, and ate food. I worked out, had a dance party and took a nap then ate pizza and watched another movie.

The Sixth Sense

Pretty relaxed day it was very fun. But it will not last.

Here’s the catch, I aim to get a second job on Monday. This sales position I am currently in is not making the necessary financial cut.

This time it was supposed to be different, previously every year I would work at least two to three jobs, yielding enough income to cover bills and add to my savings. Being that this is my last year I really wanted to just work one job and focus on graduating and finding a good internship.

So if you know there’s something available please let me know.

Anyways on Saturdays I really aim to try new things and be active out into the world just not today.

Just like today’s blog post Eh nothing big to report no good stories yet.

I bought a scratcher and won 2$. Eh.image

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