The Sharing Agreement

How do you know if you share too much or not enough. In social relationships we have a tendancy to self disclose in order to get other people of interest to disclose more about themselves to us.

Similar to a trade of confidentiality. What if you spoke to match gave too much insight about yourself away you can’t get it back. What has been heard can not be unheard.

It happens so often and even more so now in the use of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The release of opinion and activities within life are now what allows society to judge you.

Here is a quick Thought:

the idea of Fightclub but with the Internet, Worldwide Web being completely destroyed. Pure satisfaction for me it would create. Taking everyone back 50 years when you would have to call from home to get connected and meet at specific laces and time.


Face to face interaction. It sounds beautiful. Except for this time there will be a bipolar female disgruntled with the social media world around her.

From looking at the effects of publishing what one person thought was funny on Twitter  to world wide critique and losing a job or missing a great opportunity is absurd and quite unfair.

I personally have not come across these issues where social media has influenced my life. I hope to never come across to them. The closest I’ve come was in family circles where through the grape vine I heard I was not posting enough pictures of people I was involved with. In my opinion Facebook is about me myself and I, as in my own face on my book.

I also did nothing to change such said expectation if people want to show themselves hanging out with me and other people they can post on there own facebooks photos of such. They are afforded the same opportunities as anyone else.

However, majoring in journalism where you are expected to create media posts and social connections and that lead to major following. Social media becomes a necessity to appeal to potential employers.

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