The Miniature Show

by Erdavria Simpson


On August 29th and 30th the 6th annual Miniature Collection show and sale occurred. It took place at Howard Johnson hotel in Fullerton. People of all ages come annually to add to their collections and expand their businesses.


Miniatures come in many sizes from 1/4″ to 1/2″ to 3/4″. That’s how you know what you would like to focus on collecting. This image has 1/2″ puppies in it with 1/4″ items such as the table and lamp.


A look into a miniature mirror: there are many themes held at the separate vendor tables. From Christmas to Halloween and all in between. This is of Victorian dolls and headpieces with a boutique setting.


Gilbert Mena created these miniature oil paintings. The attention to detail in these paintings are unbelievable.


The People Behind the Miniatures: Bruce Gauntt is co-owner of Tiny Places make Happy Faces where he specializes in creating miniature brand merchandise such as Nabisco products in miniature form and Kraft grocery products.


The smallest reality when you look into a case occurs. These items overall used to be very popular similar to when I was younger and the idea of having a dollhouse was appealing.


A bunny play day with cake. Whimsical setting appear along with popular stories recreated and told on another smaller scale.


A Sweet to Scale. My mother collects so many miniature sweets and food items to place onto each table. These items look highly comparable to real foods.


Thanksgiving Dinner on a small table. Such a good looking feast for mice. However, most miniature products are made with plastic, clay, wood, or styrofoam. Using paint and varnish to create realistic features.


The People Behind the Miniatures: Susan Overtoom, owner of Susie O’s Dollhouses, where she sells empty rooms or store layouts where you can put miniatures in. Most collectors put their miniatures into rooms that have glass window on top and in front to see the display.

Details in a general Store

Details in a miniature General Store. This looks exactly like an old General Store, have you ever been to Wall Drug? Well with this picture you have. The items for sale, the pots, vivid blankets, very much real.


The People Behind the Miniatures: Ricardia Simpson look over which miniatures she would like to add to her collection. Erika Simpson, 19, helps her mother choose.


A miniature traveler doll looks outside her caravan. Set up to look like she is in deep thought probably thinking about who will be here next owner. The dress she is wearing is a custom made import from a New England boutique the price for the doll alone is 175$.


Take a look inside this realistic home where you will find items quite like your own. Looking to vacation you can see this item again for the 7th annual miniature show is already planned.


The people behind the miniature show come from across the nation. This showcase featured people from Arizona, Oregon, Washington state, and various cities in California. There was also a raffle where the proceeds went to an animal charity.

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