Family Reunion at TJ MAXX


There is more you can do at TJ Maxx than just be a fashionista. One family on September 11, 2015 turned their shopping experience into a full family reunion.

The split family rarely runs into each other unless it is a graduation or life event. This case turned into one of those coincidences. My sister Erika works at TJ Maxx and when she had 20% off and she invited the whole family down.

I had just gotten off a hard day of work and life, and my mom bugged me to drive her down to the store location.  Reluctantly, I agreed. Upon arrival I found nothing I like, I am broke anyways, which means I have no money at all, to frivolously spend on myself.

My sister on the other hand has no bills and loves to shop. She is doing nothing with her life, but still must be doing something right. I also dislike her a lot, so I am biased in my opinion.

Anyways my mother got more than she expected when she happen to see my father at the same location. But wait it does not stop there, my dad and his daughter, my half-sister, Krissy, had rode the bus to TJ Maxx, me being the oldest daughter and the one with my own car of course I was not going to let them ride back home when I have room.

After a few more hours of watching family shop and then going to Target, we crammed into my little Rosie Rio (yes the name of my car). And I drove them home. My mother was most likely very upset. Oh well, karma at its best when I did not want to go at all.


Would you like to find out more about my hard work day click here.

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