One Prerequisite to Change it All

By Erdavria Simpson

The real effects of not getting your college courses when you need them.

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It was not until my last year at California University Fullerton that I realized how long it has taken me to get this one class, COMM 201. It is a prerequisite for upper-division courses within the Print and Broadcast concentrations.

I never got access to a COMM 201 course until Summer 2015 where I was enrolled but had to change the course due to training interference. Now that I am officially in the Fall semester of COMM 201, with all of my upper division courses completed, and I cannot help but to feel I have taken a huge step back.

Creating a push back my graduation date, making my college experience more expensive, and tedious. The reason why there are many 5 year college students.

Read this Article about what USC is doing to ensure their college student graduate on time:


When commuting to Fullerton from Los Angeles there is a toll taken on the student, traffic, finding parking, and planning. In planning this semester I aimed to only be on campus twice per week. Success! Well sort of, I have classes all day straight from 9am to 10pm including a long COMM 372 course over four hours.

Ending my Tuesdays with COMM 201, a 3 hour course. The benefits of this course is teaching the basics of print journalism. The negative effect is wasting my time because the other classes upper division courses that I had access to has already prepared me and taught me the same thing.

So I know what you are thinking this should be very easy for me then?? No problems or issues there, let’s make the class an easy A. –No it does not work that way I prefer to not attend the class, I rather leave after the 4 hour class and go home to prepare to work an 8 to 4 shift the next day.

If I left early from class the professor will notice, If I stop attending, my grades will be negatively effected. There is no win in this situation.

Which allows me to realize the harsh effects of not gaining access to a course when you need it.

What can you do about it, it’s not your fault. The CSU system is very full, when you do not get the course you need you have no choice but to wait and hope you are lucky enough to enroll in the next semester. Or is there another way?

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