Is it possible to be over prepared?


Short answer is no, you can never over prepare yourself, for the day, school, a vacation, or on the job.

However let me share with you the story of how I probably over prepared and ruined my day.

Twas the night before a normal work day. Monday 8-4 was the shift. On Sunday night I prepared my clothes and prepared my meal there was nothing to be ignored.

I drank my tea a chamomile less sweet. Fell in my bed and played classical til I fell asleep.

This was very nice yes indeed I awoke with such ease, ready to tackle my day. I got up took a shower and smelled like a flower as I put on my work clothes and attended the morning needs.

Enter my car it was not parked too far. I thought as I trotted a block. Once I got in I plugged my phone in and listened to NPR.

To my surprise I came to my demise with just a routine traffic stop. I couldn’t believe he did not want to get around me as I pulled to the side.

License and registration he said with no frustration I had no choice but to comply.

It was a stop sign he said here’s your fine.  I could not believe my eyes. I said this is ridiculous I know I stopped at that sign I take the same route everytime and I received the same fine only three months past time.

I said have a nice day and then went on my way knowing all alone the preparation must have went wrong and ruined the rest of my day.

As you must know it was a horrible day to follow I felt so upset and hollow. The world must be unfair to me.

This event happened on September  14, 2015. This story is supposed to rhyme.

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