Top 8 of What I Learned the Hard Way from Love and Heartbreak

1.  Never keep trying for someone who cannot match you in your tries. Basically do not chase after a man or anyone. If they say they are done let them be done.


2. Once they show you their true colors leave them and never go back. When they are angry upset or gets very nasty they are showing you how they will always respond and that just the beginning of the end, unless you think it’s worth it, but love is work, so acknowledge what makes you uncomfortable immediately and make real efforts to change not just talk.

3. If they cannot acknowledge their mistakes, wrongs, or apologize the first time they never will.

4. If they revert to anger when confused and frustrated… Run. They lack calm communication skills.

Image result for angry black man

5. If they try to make you think you are competing with them and you are not its because they are insecure to your own success. Geez this is so true.

job advertising


6. If he has a big ego and pride he has no room for real love.

Image result for big ego hurts love

7. If he calls you crazy. Let him go because he is full of himself. This takes the life out of you, then you start to believe it…

8. Last but not least, People who do not truly know what they want are very dangerous. Especially if you know what you want. Example: you want to travel, they do not know if they want to travel, so they play with your mind, get upset at you for knowing what you want or asking if they want to take a trip. But then they change their minds and say yeah I definitely want to go, so you are stuck in this never ending battle of uncertainty,  and ambiguity. It’s a very dangerous place for the heart and soul to be, people who do not truly know what they want are manipulators, they are procrastinators and postponers. And as they try to figure out what they want they leave you bound to them, saying what they know you want to hear just to keep you hanging in suspense. These are the wishy-washy. They are the people who have the biggest hold on your heart, mind, and progress.



I know if you read this, something in here applies to you. This applies to men AND women. Think about it, Pray on it. Do not let a man/woman tell you your worth or use love as a tool to manipulate you. Accept in your heart that you tried and please let go. If you find yourself breaking up with him every few weeks or arguing every other day and one day its love the next its hate, take time to re-evaluate yourself, you might not be ready for love and you might just need time for yourself. Don’t keep breaking people’s hearts, because some don’t recover and they will just do the same to someone else. Let’s work on caring for each other.

Everyone’s story is different share yours with me, write it out, heal, express yourself, and learn from the mistakes to keep moving forward.

Best Wishes to the World,


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