Spilled Blood on Newspaper

Hello America I just made a new saying and pun– not like anyone cares about those anymore maybe if it was a great funny meme people would show a little interest.

This statement “Spilled Blood on Newspaper” is great because its an good analogy and gives color to a sentence and creates a picture. I said it when i was talking about my first ever mistakes at my current job like how I have messed up in scheduling and could not brush it under the rug because it would show up like red blood on newspaper and I chose news paper becuase that mean everyone would also have heard about my mistake.

“lucky lolz all mines [mistakes] come out like spilled blood on newspaper”

“the gossip spread like spilled blood on newspaper”

it usually comes with a shocking response like “hahaha oh boy– i hope that will not happen to me 😕”

Pretty cool right… I know

I’m a genius.. sometimes.

I like my little saying now I just need to coin this expression 🙂


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