Just like the limited data available on your phone. If you go over that cellular data usage limit additional fees are added.

What makes you OLD?

Is it the development and advancement of the human race occurring so fast around you?

Nature versus nurture.

I am old I appreciate the finer things in life. Starting with the morals and traditions that were once so prevalent in our lives

All About the Chilli!

On Saturday Sept 26 The City of Inglewood hosted it’s 3rd annual picnic featuring a Chilli cook-off.

This is a community report, to display the good news of the community.

I am so excited to share with you one of the video reports I have created. This is all about the chill. I am currently working on the matching news story to go with it. Please give me your feedback.

Update: YouTube

Goodmorning blog friends!

I have been super busy working on so many creative projects and works. I cannot wait to share with you everything!!

Amazing works coming soon!!

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